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Corporate Software Development

Custom Software Development & Solution on Demand.

PixelPro, 16-Year Story to Tell (and counting)

PixelPro starts with a corporate trading company; we supply & distribute products & services for marketing campaign, event, solution and reward to local corporates. When the Internet Revolution hits, without much hesitation, we embrace the paradigm shift and start providing custom software development & solution to corporates.

Our Services

We study every customer, customise tailor-made solution that enhances & compliments the company’s operation, sales & marketing.


From web development to IoT research & development, our team has the right talent to nail it. Be it building from scratch or on top of popular frameworks, it has never been a problem to us. What we need to know is your requirement, and we will do the rest. 


Do you think having a company website is already enough to promote your business to the rest of the world? No it ain’t, a successful marketing campaign cannot be disorganised and haphazard; it should be the combined effort from both online & offline.

IT Consultancy

Create a business, that’s easy; but maintain a business, that’s where you get sleepless night. But fret not, you can always rely on PixelPro’s expertise in IT planning & management. Do not know how to manage your IT department? Great, because this is what we do.

We Make Your Website Work Everywhere.

Responsive design has never been more important.

We are no longer in a world that we specifically zoom into certain content just because it is too tiny from being legible. Modern web technology automatically detects the size of your device and renders a comfortable size to the user (your potential customers). 

We Develop for Mobile Platforms, too.

Mobile users have been growing tremendously from year to year. Every company wishes to launch its own mobile application, and they just blindly invest in building one. However, those mobile apps often end up with cheerless active user.

In PixelPro, we would not simply ask you to get yourself a mobile app, just for the sake of having it. We perform a thorough study about your company, and design a worthwhile solution that we believe would benefit you and your company.

Our Expertise &


Today’s technology isn’t the way it was 10 years ago. New technology pops out every month just to overcome certain bottleneck that we are facing. As a tech firm, we have to be keen on technology paradigm shift that might impact our business.

Luckily, our team is equipped with multiple talents who are able to utilise befitting technology for different occasions. If you were having problem with your tech stack, tell us and we are ready to share our experience.

Don’t Hide Your Problem

Does your company need custom-made software? Tell us your story today.